Automated Weekly Mailers

One of the administrative staff came to me looking for some help. She was falling behind in her follow-up emails & wondered if there was anything “technological” we could do.  After a quick investigation, I found that she was tasked with sending follow-up emails to clients eight months after their interaction with the company.

If the client did not respond to the first email, she was burdened with manually re-sending the email the following week, and repeating it a third time if she still had not received a response. As you can imagine, this process involved scheduling, rescheduling & manually copying and pasting content, an unnecessarily labour-intensive process I was sure we could improve on.

I created a simple database and entry form along with three standard templates that could be customized for each client. The entry form was designed to allow the quickest entry possible, so many clients could be entered in rapid succession.

Rapid Entry Form

The form pre-selects the default year, operator and standard message so the administrator may only need to enter the clients name and email address, then select the month of the interaction.  The system does the rest, relying on a Cron job to run a script each week. This one small application saves many hours of repetitive labour every week and allowed the company to finally catch up with these all-important follow-ups.


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January 24, 2014