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The company employs consultants around the world who interact with clients via online application form. Each consultant supplies a personalized emailed response to a standard set of questions. I discovered that each consultant was currently using their own email client and mostly responded by cut-and-pasting from previous responses. Other consultants had devised their own Microsoft Word or Text based responses, also cut-and-paste into email.


While this method works for each consultant, it also means that every submitted application would receive a different type of response. There was no consistency between consultants and no guarantee that the client would receive the same assessment if their application was processed by different consultants. Additionally, none of the responses included any branding, calls-to-action or event consistent contact information.


This rich html solution includes standardized response sections to ensure each client receives a complete and thorough response. The template also introduces the idea of customized CTA’s to encourage clients to continue their relationship with the company and with their own consultant. Further, I produced software specifications to create a rapid-response web application that would allow consultants to quickly create formatted responses via a simple click-to-include interface. The app would also allow each consultant to create their own “canned” responses and to share them with the other consultants. Multiple languages are also supported by allowing each consultant their own repository of responses.


Further, the form also includes links to the company’s social media outlets and direct contact links for their own consultants.

Rich Html Email Template


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April 13, 2014