Everybody Loves a Pop-up!

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Okay, pop-ups are not my favorite interface, but when they work, they work! The companies existing pop-ups were stuck in the 90’s and needed a refresh. We brightened up the colours, changed the layout and typography to give them an open, airy, easy feel and created a one-click registration process.

Clicking any city opened up an additional pop-up with the registration form and “book now” button. The site visitor gets to stay on the homepage and their visit remains uninterrupted by navigation. Simply fill in the form or dismiss it and you’re back to where you started.

The pop-ups were enabled with Javascript / JQuery with a php back-end to handle the city listings. Previously, city listings were manually entered using an html editor, and the one-click registration required the user to fill in the city of their choice.

We also supported the applications via a redundant database, multiple administrative recipients and weekly reports which had never been available to the company before.
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September 20, 2013