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A new business, “NuYuInk” requires a web presence to sell this temporary form of hair restoration.  The business will offer non-toxic, temporary scalp “tattoos” that mimic the natural growth of hair and create the appearance of density and strong hairlines.

Capitalizing on almost 20 years of expertise in hair transplant surgery, this clinic planning to augment their sales with this newly popular form of concealment.  Details about the business are scarce, but the directive to produce a website is clear, with the focus placed on the organic and non-permanent nature of the solution.  The clinic hopes to create a steady stream of repeat clients with frequent visits.


NuYuInk Early Logo

A Preliminary Logo Treatment

I started by researching other “Scalp MicroPigmentation” clinics to understand what was being offered in different markets and what their key messages were.  We chose the top three messages based on their appeal to the consumer:

  1. Outstanding, Instant Results,
  2. Semi-Permanent Inks
  3. Free Consultation




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January 6, 2014

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