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Reel Causes is an interesting Social-Profit organization that creates fundraising and exposure opportunities for other non-profits by holding monthly film screenings.  Their existing site was well organized and the board of directors were hands-on contributors to the site.  While it’s great to have participation, the results of so many contributors was a somewhat unfocused site with multiple and sometimes conflicting messaging.

To solve that problem, we created a rigid system that would make the page styling automatic while allowing flexibility in the layout.  Custom Post types were created to hold information about events, films, sponsors and causes which reduced the amount of manual work required.

A full-width, modern layout featuring images from upcoming films gives the site and organization a professional look and feel and keeps the emphasis on the upcoming film and cause.

Reel Causes Form Sample

The meta data allows for the active post to be retired automatically the day after the previous event, and allows the previous event to be automatically listed under ‘previous events’, making the administration of the site a much easier affair.

The custom post types also allow for Sponsors and Causes to be automatically updated when a new sponsor or cause is added. They loved this feature!

Reel Causes List

The site also features integrated ticket sales, simple one-click styling for homepage text and easy access to customize the homepage hero images

Homepage Images

Responsive, full-width homepage images with flexible and pre-set text styles




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February 12, 2015