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The company had been taking online booking requests via a simple emailed form.  The booking requests were passed on from administration to the consultants who were holding sessions in cities all over the world.  The consultants then contacted the client and booked them into a schedule.

Besides the labour-instensive, manual nature of the process, the system was also susceptible to problematic traffic rushes, especially over weekends and holidays.  Sometimes we would receive double the number of requests for the time period available for consultations, resulting in many disappointed clients.

So I got to work, tearing apart the existing system and adding a maximum-booking feature.  The company would be able to set the number of seats available, along with a buffer and have the system automatically display a “Standby” message, alerting the client that the event was already booked up, but that we may be able to accommodate them if we extended our stay or had any cancellations.



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January 14, 2014