Sweet Reports!

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I love being able to solve administrative problems with a little bit of code.  The admin team were frustrated that one of their client reports always took up three printed pages, and most of the pages were blank.

This particular form asked 29 questions, and it was usual that all but one or two questions were simply answered “No”.  So when the form needed to have additional questions added to it, I took the opportunity to start from scratch and build something that would be easier for the admin team to use, and wouldn’t waste so much paper.

Using our standard WordPress installation along with the Gravity Forms plugin, I was able to use the forms built-in handles and a little php to process the form after it was submitted but before it was sent to the admin team.  The custom code parses through the form, recognizes any positive answer (a “yes” answer required an explanation and served as a flag to alert the admin team of possible conflicts.)  I colour-coded “yes” responses so they would visibly stand out and managed to shrink the report down to one printable page.

Printed Report

A one-Page report with colour-coded responses generated from WordPress and Gravity Forms. Personal data has been redacted



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February 3, 2014