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The companies plans to introduce a new clinical service “Scalp Micropigmentation” are revised, and now include offering franchises in North America. So while the original “NuYuInk” Site was being built, a directive came in to include franchise information.

I worked with the business consultant to convince him that the target audience for the Clinical site and the Franchisee site were completely different. This means the keywords, structure and CTA’s should all be different to serve the targets needs and requirements.

It seems that most people, companies and organizations are focused on telling their own stories through their websites but forget that the site has an underlying purpose: to convert, to sell. Selling a franchise is completely different from selling the product or service the franchise offers. So we set about to create a second site, intended solely to sell franchise opportunities.

I was soon tasked with creating a third site, this one to serve franchisees once they had signed up. The site would act as a resource for marketing, training and communications. This third site would be known as the “Ink Spot” and would be accessed exclusively to franchisee members through a standard WordPress Login. One of the fun challenges was to create a training schedule that could be shared between the franchisee site and the Ink Spot site.


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March 13, 2014